I’ve spent the last 20 years combining technology & marketing to create innovative solutions & opportunities for clients and my companies.

Having been a part of 9 startup businesses, I have extensive experience in developing and implementing new-generation sales and marketing tools, technologies and strategies to create more profitable businesses and deeper customer relationships.

I live happily in Steamboat Springs, CO and I’m a dad to an amazing daughter. Outside of work and spending time with family, I like to explore the world running on trails or through the lens of my camera.


I’m currently involved in several ventures:
  • Click Medical

    Click Medical, is a medical innovations company that creates orthotic, prosthetic & casting solutions based on Boa Technology® components for the US & international markets.

  • Altera Marketing Group

    Altera is a digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce, branding & lead generation. I’m founder and principal consultant. On a daily basis I work with CEOs, CMOs, & business owner clients to develop marketing & technology solutions that improve their business.

  • Radiate Forum

    The Radiate Forum is a collaborative leadership forum for CEOs founded by me and Todd Musselman. We developed & conduct a 7-month program to help CEOs become more effective leaders, live happier lives and gain insights from others in similar positions.

  • Ignite Steamboat

    I started and lead Ignite Steamboat, an organization supporting and cultivating the growth of location neutral & tech businesses in Steamboat Springs.

Great People

These are just a few of the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
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Nelson Kunkel
Stephen Thompson
Kerry Shea
Les Reaves
Bryan Conklin


Seth Godin

“Most people are searching for a path to success that is both easy and certain. Most paths are neither.”

~ Seth Godin, Author & Entrepreneur

Steve Blank

“Almost everything important is at first opposed by stakeholders in the status quo. Be relentless, persistent and tenacious.”

~ Steve Blank, Entrepreneur, Professor Stanford University

Kevin Systrom

“Above all else, products spread when they’re useful and they’re usable.”

~ Kevin Systrom, Founder Instagram

Mike Monteiro

“A good designer finds an elegant way to put everything you need on a page. A great designer convinces you half that shit is unnecessary.”

~ Mike Monteiro

Jeff Bezos

“Any business plan won’t survive its first encounter with reality. The reality will always be different. It will never be the plan.”

~ Jeff Bezos

Paul Graham

“Make something someone specific needs, launch fast, let users show you what to change, change it, repeat last two.”

~ Paul Graham, Y Combinator


“Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

~ Steve Jobs

Reid Hoffman

“Ironically, in a changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do.”

~ Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder



Marketing Applications
I have extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and using new generation marketing tools and applications. Over the past 14+ years I have developed many custom applications to manage business and reach new markets. I have been a consistent go-to resource for my clients who are looking to differentiate their messaging and reach new markets.
My marketing experience and technology expertise allows me to see through the hype and help clients make critical decisions to meet their business objectives.

Social Media
From creating, developing and managing social campaigns to creating content for mobile I’ve had first hand experience in this area. Through my work on projects like WeLoveSteamboat.com and several social media strategy projects I can create solutions that fit and organization’s business objectives.
Recent Social Media Projects:
Aspen Chamber & Resort Association Social Media Strategy
Ignite Steamboat
Ride 4 Yellow

Content Marketing
I have extensive experience with content marketing channels such as pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization strategy, e-mail and direct, snail mail campaigns.
I’ve managed many pay-per-click campaigns and been hired to create SEO strategies. I also have experience with blogs, WordPress and e-Book creation.

Data & Analytics
I founded & ran a database marketing company for 8 years and personally developed the applications for analysis and reporting as well as optimization programs to lower cost and increase responses.
I developed a methodology that allowed us to perform preliminary marketing tests that produced more accurate forecasts at a lower cost. The direct benefit was less risk and greater forecast accuracy as campaign volume scaled.


Over 6.6 billion mobile phones will be in use by the end of 2017, according to CCS Insight’s new market forecast and two-thirds of them will be smartphones. With these numbers, mobile strategy has to be on the front burner.
I have experience implementing mobile platforms and content.

Design & Usability
Perhaps the principle at the top of my list is an uncompromising commitment to high standards for design and usability. Despite the best technology, service or product, consumers have neither the time nor the patience to deal with a poorly designed application. Proper design and usability is critical to increasing conversion rates, sales and revenue.
I have a strong track record in working with designers in helping them produce their best work while meeting the objectives of the business.
I’ve written several articles on Design and Usability:
Sometimes You Gotta See It to Believe It
How to Design a Newspaper Ad
5.5 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

E-Commerce Development
My experience with e-commerce development goes back to 1994. I’ve developed e-commerce applications, database applications, web and mobile web applications. I’m proficient in
I know my way around PHP, MySQL and server setups.

I have a strong track record with developing innovative methods of integrating technology with business to create more value at a lower cost. With pioneering work in social media, HDR photography and database marketing, my solutions have given my businesses and my clients a competitive advantage.

Online Strategy

Online Strategy
A common thread over the past decade plus has been my work in online strategy. As a Senior Strategist at Agency.com I worked with major corporations like HP & OnStar to develop effective online business strategies.
After Agency.com I have worked on many projects, including internal projects, to create unique solutions to online marketing problems.
Most recently I completed a Search Engine Optimization strategy for a large multi-national manufacturing company and a Social Media strategy for a popular destination resort’s business chamber.

BrandWise Methodology
BrandWise is a new venture that provides branding & identity strategy, services and deliverables to funded technology startups. The company uses an approach that’s based on the Min Basadur Creative Problem Solving methodology.
By applying this unique methodology to the branding & identity process we are able to meet the client’s needs much faster, at a lower cost and deliver greater results.


Presentations & Public Speaking
I’ve given a number of presentations on strategy, social media, web strategy, new business methods.
I’ve been a featured speaker at a regional economic conference and a keynote speaker at the Colorado Chamber Executive conference. I give Ignite presentations several times a year for Ignite Steamboat and volunteer to present to various non-profit executive committees.
Find out more about my speaking here.
Recent Presentation Deck

I write several blogs in support of my businesses and projects.
ALTERAtions – marketing, tech and business
SteamboatPics.com – photography
WebCamp.co – web development and trends
JayOHare.com – personal blog
Over the past several years I’ve published a couple of e-Books and have 2 more in development.


Over the past 17 years I’ve been a part of a number of start-up companies. I enjoy the challenge of developing new ways to add value, create new entities and work with forward thinking people. I’m comfortable with and function well in an undefined environment.


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